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Elevate your defense against fraudulent activities with Fraudox's cutting-edge technology

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Streamline your fraud detection process and save valuable time with Fraudox platform.

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Let Fraudox handle the complexities, allowing you to direct your energy towards growing your business.

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Crawling The Web

With cutting-edge technologies and intelligent algorithms, our crawlers systematically navigating the web, scanning and analyzing websites, platforms, and online entities.

These highly efficient crawlers are designed to uncover potential threats and frauds, providing us with valuable data for proactive brand protection.



TLD Zones


Active Domains


Active Subdomains



Dynamic Analysis

We employ advanced detection technologies to identify and combat a wide range of online threats. Our customized algorithms and machine learning models analyze various data points and patterns for each client swiftly detecting potential scams, email spams, and fraud activities.

Our robust detection methodology help us keeping pace with emerging threats and adapting to new tactics employed by malicious actors. Which allows Fraudox to provide enhanced security and peace of mind for our clients.

func Crawl(url string , depth int ) {
if depth <= 0 { return }
func main() {
Crawl("https://fakebrand.com", 4)}"
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Real-Time Data Acquisition

We acquire real-time data from various online sources. This includes monitoring new domain registrations, tracking website content changes, and capturing emerging online trends. By staying updated, we immediately identify and respond to potential risks.

Dynamic Models

Our crafted brand and domain-specific models provide a customized approach to brand protection. These adaptable models leverage advanced technology and threat intelligence to analyze every object we crawl.

Deep Analysis and Insights

With advanced algorithms we derive valuable insights, identify patterns, detect scams, and uncover hidden connections from the data we continuously crawl. These insights empower our decisions in the dynamic digital landscape.

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Doxing Fraudsters

Our advanced systems and technology enable us to handle the entire process seamlessly, from detection to takedown. With minimal manual intervention, our sophisticated algorithms and AI-powered models work tirelessly to identify scams, spams, and fraudulent activities.

Our automated systems seamlessly collaborate with registrars, domain providers, and hosting providers to expedite the takedown process. We proactively notify these entities and provide them with the necessary evidence to swiftly remove fraudulent websites and curb malicious activities.

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Automated Hunting

Our 24/7 Automated Bots: Vigilantly working round the clock to safeguard your brand from online threats.


2 hours ago

Our engines have detected a potenial scam campaign targeting your brand. Allow us to take an action.

Get Instant Alerts

Stay one step ahead with real-time notifications about potential threats and fraud activities.


7 mins ago

We have taken down a new scam domain that was active in frauding your brand. Please review the report below:

Real-time Reporting

Gain actionable insights through our comprehensive and timely reports about fraud campaigns.

Cutting-Edge Fraud Detection Capabilities

What Services We Provide

At Fraudox, we understand that safeguarding your brand is paramount. That's why we offer varity of services to help you secure you business

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Fraud Detection and Prevention

Rely on Fraudox's cutting-edge technology to detect and prevent fraudulent activities that can harm your business. Our comprehensive approach safeguards your brand.

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Keyword and Domain Analysis

Uncover potential threats to your brand by analyzing keywords and domains with Fraudox. Identify associations with fraudulent entities, protecting your reputation and customer trust.

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Brand Reputation Management

Protect your brand's reputation from online fraud and fake domains. Fraudox identifies and analyzes suspicious keywords and domains, enabling you to take proactive measures.

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Real-Time Fraud Monitoring

Experience the power of real-time fraud monitoring with Fraudox. Our intelligent algorithms continuously scan the web for suspicious domains and keywords, ensuring timely alerts and protection for your business.

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24/7 Expert Support Team

Count on our expert support team to guide you through fraud prevention strategies. From implementation to ongoing monitoring, we're here to help you safeguard your business.

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Customizable Alerts and Notifications

Tailor your fraud prevention strategy with customizable alerts and notifications from Fraudox. Receive instant updates on suspicious activities, ensuring swift actions to safeguard your business.

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